“Perfectly healthy,” the mother died of coronavirus, although he was “obsessed” with hand washing and isolation

The mother of 6-year-old twins from UK have died from the coronavirus, despite the fact that before the woman had no health problems and it was “absolutely all existing security measures“.

Caroline Sonbi, 48, from North Yorkshire, died Sunday, March 29. The woman is survived by two sons, Joseph and Elliot, her husband Vic, the parents of Megan and Colin, and four brothers and sisters. According to her identical twin, Sarah Jarvis, now the family “devastated“.

“We were always incredibly close. — explains Jarvis — Most of us even live in walking distance from each other.”

“[Caroline] was a great friend to hundreds of people — she adds — the most sincere and generous person I know.”

According to the relatives, Sonbi suddenly ill. Thursday, March 26, at the woman beginning of sore throat— and though then she decided that the case in tonsillitis, the next day as Caroline had deteriorated.

By Sunday Sonbi was hard to breathe and, in the end, she lost consciousness at home. The woman immediately hooked to a ventilator and was taken to the hospital, but to save her failed.

Relatives still can not believe that Caroline had contracted a deadly virus. Sister describes her as “a germophobe freak on washing hands” and doing everything possible to not get COVID-19.

“Caroline has observed all the precautions there was. — emphasizes Jarvis — She’s isolated themselves, hand soap, very serious about his health and the health of others. She was in great shape and still it was gone in 4 days. The virus spares no one”.

After the death of her sister Sarah has set a goal: to get as many people as possible to perceive the coronavirus seriously.

“Many people think that once they are young and healthy, you risk nothing, but the truth is that the coronavirus can change any life.”


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