Experts commented on the first case of infection by the coronavirus tiger

Tiger at the Bronx zoo in the United States was ill COVID-19, according to the Society for the protection of wildlife (WCS).

Специалисты прокомментировали первый случай заражения тигра коронавирусом

Symptoms in four year old tigress from Malaysia named Nadia appeared on March 27. Test for coronavirus showed a positive result. This is the first case of animal infection in the United States and the world’s first case of detection of a new type of tiger.

Zoologists also reacted to the news with skepticism. According to experts, the coronavirus is, in principle, common among animals type of virus. But they have it and your man is not transmitted, also the animals can not get COVID-19 from man. This is not a fatal infection that exists in nature for a long time. Moreover, it is believed that the feline coronavirus even in a positive way affects the immune system of the host. Most likely, tigress already had the coronavirus, but it is not COVID-19, and the test gave the error.


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