Galkin said, where Pugachev with children waits epidemic

Famous TV presenter and showman Maxim Galkin gave the whereabouts of his beloved Alla Pugacheva during the quarantine.

The famous showman Maxim Galkin openly spoke on the topic of the coronavirus, and how they are with their star family survive the quarantine regime.

In his latest interview with Galkin confessed that they with Alla Pugacheva and honestly comply with the children’s self-isolation and absolutely do not leave your station. According to Maxim, they Pugacheva worried for the lives of their heirs so they and thoughts do not arise to go for a walk outside the house.

Galkin said that their heirs Lisa and Harry is absolutely not bored. They constantly need attention, and parents are happy every second of your time to devote to them.

Maxim admitted that the children almost all the time with my mom in the basement. There, they are very fun waiting out the quarantine by recording different clips. According to a showman, a very unexpected place for the clips they chose themselves, and he and the band are happy everything is designed by the Studio.

As we previously reported, the daughter Zavorotnyuk birthday mother published a personal photo. The heiress suffering from cancer actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk touching congratulated star mother and 49-year anniversary.

It is also known that Asmus was advised to see psychologists after a Frank interview. A young but already very controversial actress Christina Asmus was out after inhuman criticism of their fans.


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