Pandemic in Europe: the Schengen countries are preparing to close the border until the fall

Пандемия в Европе: страны Шенгена готовятся закрыть границу до осениFrench President Emmanuel macron suggested that in case of further development of the pandemic, the Schengen States can leave its borders closed until September, media reported. At the same time, he believes that it will hit the economic recovery of European countries. Europe is the most affected region from the spread of coronavirus. Many EU countries take lidirujuschie positions in the number of infected.

European borders may be closed until September, this development predicted the President of France Emmanuel macron, according to TV channel BFM.

According to media reports, this assumption is the head of the Republic said during a video conference with Union leaders. The TV channel reported about it, referring to the representative of one of the syndicates. According to the source BFM macron believes that such measures can lead the development of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in European countries, which is currently in the lead on all indicators.

As an explanation of your assumptions macron spoke about the difference of how flows the pandemic in different countries. He noted that, for example, in the US, the peak of infection only expected, but in Asia does not exclude the emergence of a second wave. At the same time, the head of France noted that the closure boundaries might affect the economic recovery.

On April 13, planned treatment of Macron to the nation. It is assumed that during it, the President will announce additional measures to combat coronavirus infection, which is actively spreading around the country. As reports TASS, citing a source in the presidential administration of the Republic, the French leader is going to extend the restriction on the movement of citizens throughout the country since April 15.

March 17, the heads of state and government of the European Union adopted a decision to close for a month the external boundaries of the community to fight the pandemic disease. Thus there were no one-except those that cannot be postponed. In addition, the exception was the movement of physicians, diplomats, issledovatelei who are engaged in projects to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Furthermore, move within the EU allowed the transport personnel, citizens and EU residents who return home and their families.

Three days earlier the European Commission (EC) recommended that the EU extend the restrictions on movement within the Schengen zone until may 15.

According to TASS, in the document the EC stated that ” to effectively combat the spread of the virus requires more than 30 days.” This, in particular, shows “the experience of member States and other countries affected by the pandemic.”

The EC noticed that the overlap between the countries of the European Union should happen in a coordinated way, only in this case the measures taken will be effective.

The European Commission explained that the restriction on travel apply to “the area of the EU”, which includes all member States of the Schengen agreement. All this refers to the 30 States. A further extension, according to the EC, should occur in connection with the development of the situation on spread of coronavirus in the Schengen area.

The Director General of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus said that over the past week, pandemic infections have slowed in several European countries, including Spain and Italy, which are leaders in the number of infected.

“Over the last week we have seen a slowdown in [the spread of coronavirus] in some of the most affected countries of Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Germany and France”, — he drew attention to the trend.

At the same time he was concerned that in other States, the spread of the disease is gaining speed. For example, he noted the increase of cases in rural Africa.

Anyway among the most affected regions of Europe and the world, still remain Spain, Italy, France, Germany. They, along with the USA take first place by the number of cases. Leader in the US. There have been over half a million infected with the coronavirus. They are followed by Spain, where the number of people infected on Saturday, April 11, nearly 162 thousand (for the last day was revealed more than 3.5 thousand patients COVID-19).

The third line is Italy. There were more than 152 thousand infected, of whom 19468 people died. Before the country was leading in the number of deaths from coronavirus, 11 April, the United States broke the record. In the world there are more than 1 million 732 thousand infected, of whom more than 106 thousand died, and almost 393 thousand recovered.


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