Not the time to execute who: UN Secretary-General called on trump to come to their senses

Не время казнить ВОЗ: генсек ООН призвал Трампа одуматьсяThe UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, has criticized U.S. President Donald trump over the decision to freeze the payment of contributions to the budget of the world health organization. According to him, now the who need support in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. America is a key sponsor of the organization, in the year she paid up to $500 million trump believes that who “miss the bus” COVID-19.

The UN has criticized the decision of U.S. President Donald trump to freeze payments to the budget of the world health organization (who). UN Secretary-General said that now is not the time for such actions, reports TASS.

“Not the time to cut resources to who or any other humanitarian organization that fights the virus,” said Guterres, adding that who “absolutely necessary” to maintain — the world won the fight with COVID-19.

“Thousands (who. — “Газета.Ru”) employees fight on the front lines, helping States and their societies, particularly the most vulnerable, providing them with advice, equipment, training of medical workers”, — said the Secretary General.

He also added that the pandemic COVID-19 need to learn lessons — but the time has not come yet.

The night before trump at a press conference in the White house announced a “freeze” contributions to the who budget. “The organization failed in its primary obligation and must be responsible [for a pandemic],” — said the American leader.

According to him, who also contributed to China’s “misinformation” about the coronavirus, which caused “more extensive outbreak than it would be otherwise”. The US leader believes the number of victims could be less than 20 times.

The US is a key sponsor who, trump added. American taxpayers every year contributed to the organization’s budget “from $400 to $500 million”, and China is only $40 million.

He also demanded to reform the who and stated that Washington will get this done. “We will continue working with the who to understand whether it can make serious reforms. With other countries and partners in health we will discuss what to do with the money received from the who,” concluded trump.

Earlier on Twitter, the President of the United States stated that who “really blew it”.

“For some reason organization, which mainly contain the United States, has focused all the attention on China. We will carefully study this issue,” said trump, noting that “fortunately, ignored their recommendation to keep open the border with China in the beginning”. According to him, such councils are illiterate.

A few days ago the publication Politico, citing sources reported that the White house staff offer the US President Donald Trump to create an alternative to the who database UNAIDS — joint United Nations programme on HIV and AIDS, founded in the mid 1990-ies on the wave of dissatisfaction, who solves the problem with the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus.

Such ideas put forward, some White house staff, including members of the Council of national security of the United States. Many of them advocate a tough policy toward China, the newspaper notes.

12 April throughout the USA, the Federal authorities had declared a state of major disasters due to pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

“In the whole country, the number of new cases per day is significantly reduced, it says that we are at the peak and our integrated strategy is working,” said trump earlier at a daily briefing by the coronavirus in the White house. In the US there are 580 thousand infected and nearly 24 thousand deaths.

In General, Donald trump speaks out against the payment of contributions to international organizations since the beginning of his presidential term. In 2017, the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev said that trump has long advocated a reduction in the funding of the UN.

“Trump, in the main, not satisfied with a broad international Association. The US is providing its territory and the lion’s share of funding, the American position in the UN is not very advanced. And George Bush and bill Clinton, many things carried out in circumvention of the UN (Yugoslavia, Iraq). Trump also no enthusiasm for UN apply. I think that the whole reform will be reduced to a trivial change of financing, and around NATO that the UN must better ourselves to Fund, and U.S. contributions to reduce,” said americanist.


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