Russian virologists have estimated opening about the temperature loss of the coronavirus

Russian virologists commented on the opening of the French scientists from the University of Provence, according to which the coronavirus dies completely after heating up to 92 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. The experts admitted that this information can be useful in everyday life, but found them absolutely useless in science.

Российские вирусологи оценили открытие о температуре гибели коронавируса

In particular, in use of the study doubted a leading researcher of the Institute of clinical experimental medicine, Virology Professor Alexander Chepurnov, reports the newspaper “Sight”. He stated that he could not understand why the French in their study stopped at this level.

According to experts, the temperature is always a reason. For example, your favorite temperature for biologists, virologists and immunologists is 56 degrees. “At this temperature deactivates a lot of things, but are the basic proteins,” – said the town Chepurnov.

He cited the example of the Ebola virus, which completely killed at 56 degrees for four hours, with “all the extras remain.”

Chief scientific officer Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after academician N. F. Gamalei Victor Zuev, in turn, noted that the result can be useful to ordinary people in everyday life.

According to him, a study by French scientists suggests that the coronavirus thermostable. If these data are confirmed, measures to treat potentially contaminated products need to strengthen Buda. “I’m always encouraged to wash vegetables and fruits with hot water, and he is doing it,” says kants.


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