The US state Department: no evidence of man-COVID-19

Госдеп США: нет доказательств рукотворности COVID-19The US state Department has no evidence that the coronavirus was created by man. In addition, Washington does not know where it is now “patient zero”, and what started the spread of Sars-Cov-2. Earlier, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the Chinese authorities should allow international experts into the lab in Wuhan, as reported by the media, and from there was able to “escape” the coronavirus.

Evidence of artificial origin of a new type of coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 at the US state Department no. This was stated by the head of the Bureau of intelligence and research Department of state Ellen McCarthy, in a video conference “Alliance of intelligence and national security”, reports TASS.

“We spent a lot of time studying it. Our position is that scientists from around the world explored the coronavirus and its genetic sequence.

At this stage there is no evidence that he’s a genetically engineered or otherwise exposed to,” said McCarthy.

According to her, the state Department does not know where “patient zero”, which began with the pandemic COVID-19. “We may never know. Did [coronavirus], the seafood market or in the laboratory — such data have not yet”, — said the employee of the state Department.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo previously expressed the hope that the Chinese authorities will allow foreign specialists to the laboratory in Wuhan. From there, according to some American media, could begin the spread of the coronavirus, and patient zero could be working on sensitive sites.

However, the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang called the version of artificial origin COVID-19 “unproven”.

The head of the Federal medico-biological Agency of Russia (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova noted that the version of artificial origin, coronavirus should not be set aside — however instead of “guessing” need to hold “very serious research”.

The official representative who Fadel shaib in turn, said that the position of the world organization on the question of the origin of the coronavirus based on scientific data showing that Sars-Cov-2 “is of animal origin”.

A month ago, the President of the United States Donald trump has accused China of spreading false information that allegedly the us military deliberately infected Chinese COVID-19. “China has spread false information about what our military gave it to them [the disease]. It’s a lie. And instead of arguing, I should call it, where he [coronavirus] came. He really came out of China,” — said the American leader.

A few days before the Deputy head of the information Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs people’s Republic of China Zhao Lijiang in his Twitter wrote that the new type of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan could bring the US military.

He also attached to his tweet the video with the speech of the head of the Center for the prevention and control of diseases (CDC) Robert Redfield in the house of representatives of the United States. A us official said then that several US residents coronavirus diagnosed posthumously, before the diagnosis of “normal flu”.

The diplomat from China asked in turn, when in States there was “patient zero” how many people actually are infected COVID-19 and in which hospitals they are placed:

“It may be, the us military brought the epidemic in Wuhan. America is supposed to be transparent! The data should be publicly available! The United States must give us an explanation!”.

Explanations why the US military may be responsible for the dissemination of coronavirus, a Chinese diplomat gave. The state Department then tweet summoned the Chinese Ambassador Tsui Tanka, which was “strictly the facts”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang then said that the US government “wrong and irresponsible” to accuse Beijing in the spread of coronavirus. “The Chinese side has always believed that this is a scientific question requiring a professional opinion,” he said.

We will remind, in early February, U.S. Senator from the Republican party Tom cotton said that the Wuhan – the epicenter of the pandemic – is the only one in China “supererogatory 4th Biosafety level” where the most deadly pathogens.


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