Only 1% of the U.S. population have tested for coronavirus

The new coronavirus has infected at least 825600 people in the United States at the time of the environment. But given the fact that the virus has tested less than 2% of Americans, according to the latest Johns Hopkins University, it is likely that the real number of infected is much higher.

At the time environment in the United States have tested, at least 4163464 people. This number is equal to 1.2% of the population in approximately 332639000 people.

In new York, the state hardest hit by the virus, has tested approximately 3% of the more than 19.5 million residents. At the time of the environment studied approximately 650 thousand biological samples. After talking with President Donald trump, the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo declared goal to implement in the state of 40 thousand tests a day, which is 2 times higher than today in new York. Cuomo explained that it’s important to test for further lifting of quarantine as it will be possible to monitor not only the level of hospitalization, and rates of infection by state and to see how increasing the level of infected people.

As for California, the most populous state with 39.5 million people were tested for 0.7% of people.

In Florida (approximately 21.4 million inhabitants) and Pennsylvania (approximately 12.8 million people) 3 and the 5 most populated States respectively checked only 1.3% of people.

In Texas, the 2nd most populated state in the United States (28.9 million people) checked out at 0.7% at the time of the environment.

Given the growing number of cases and staff shortages in hospitals, and beds and medical equipment, testing for the virus is now carried out only for those who have symptoms of respiratory diseases manifest themselves in an aggressive manner. Thus, the official figures do not include those whose symptoms were not expressed and those who have observed asymptomatic disease.

The centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States explained: “the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States do not know the exact number of cases COVID-19, hospitalizations and deaths for several reasons. COVID-19 may manifest mild symptoms, the symptoms may not be immediately apparent, there is a delay in reports and tests, not all cases seek medical help and testing, and there are many differences between the States confirmed the number of infected persons in their territories”.

Earlier this week, a new study has shown that even holding a 20 million tests for coronavirus in the day in the United States may not be sufficient to protect the public from disease. Report of the Center for ethics the Edmond J.. Safra Harvard University notes that the abolition of quarantine indiscriminate testing and contact tracing of cases and isolation of patients.


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