Scientists are testing nicotine patches on patients Covid-19

A French study showed that smokers may have a lower risk of infection coronavirus infection. The researchers want to test the role of nicotine in the process of infection with the new virus and plan to test nicotine patches on patients and medical workers. It is reported by the New York Post.

Despite their findings, the authors of a study conducted in one of the largest Parisian hospitals, insist that they do not encourage people to smoke. Smoking is a serious health hazard and does not preclude intrusion smoker COVID-19.

Scientists want to find out is whether the nicotine in cigarettes role in the prevention of infection of smokers with the disease and, therefore, if he could help to protect patients and healthcare workers on the front lines.

In a study conducted in a medical facility Pitié-Salpêtrière, involved 480 patients with a positive result on COVID-19: 350 of them were hospitalized, and the others, with less severe symptoms – sent home. It is reported by the Guardian.

Among patients aged around 65 years, only 4.4% were regular smokers. And among those who at the age of about 45 years smoked was 5.3%.

Given the age and gender, the researchers found that the number of smokers among patients with COVID-19 was much lower than among the French population as a whole.

“Our cross-sectional study clearly shows that those who smoke every day, the likelihood of developing symptomatic or severe infection of Sars-CoV-2 is much lower than the General population”, write the researchers.

Renowned French neuroscientist Jean-Pierre Changex who reviewed the study, suggested that the nicotine in tobacco can prevent the penetration of the virus in human cells and prevent it from spreading.

However, although it is likely that nicotine may protect smokers from infection COVID-19, the researchers warned that smokers, who are infected, often appear more severe symptoms due to the toxic effects of tobacco smoke on their lungs.

Now researchers will attempt to validate their results in a clinical trial using nicotine patches.


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