In life the assumption about earthly: such a betrayal she can’t forgive

The legendary “Queen of chanson” Lubov Uspenskaya confessed in a difficult period of his life, in which she again had to face the betrayal of a loved one.

The famous singer Love assumption struck another blow. Before she can move away from the terrible act his daughter, which the whole country made her look like a despot and a tyrant, how she was betrayed by another close relative.

In a recent interview, the singer admitted that her nephew Roland, whom she sheltered in her house, “passed”, the journalists and media personal information about her life.

The actress did not disclose details of the scandal, but said that after it was declassified, he quickly Packed his belongings and leaving her house, said that she was going to live in the United States.

Most interesting is that he didn’t think about closed borders, and it is unclear where he planned to live after his terrible act.

At the end of his revelation Uspenskaya noted that he did not understand what the nephew did it. According to the artist, she took the guy all his spare time and gave the best room in his house, and repeatedly took care of him, says starhit.

As we previously reported, Chernyshev had to make sacrifices to pay for treatment spouse.

It is also known that Volochkova revealed the secret of his harmony, surprising the fans. All famous ballerina decided to demonstrate to fans how to save your figure in quarantine.


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