Dermatologists have called an unfortunate side effect of rampant disinfect hands

Negative effect a thorough disinfection of hands during the epidemic of the coronavirus have been detected by dermatologists. Frequent use of antiseptics, and even ordinary soap can lead to serious skin diseases.

Дерматологи назвали неприятный побочный эффект повальной дезинфекции рук

As it became known “MK”, recently, the city medical turned 25-year-old guitarist. The musician is very responsible attitude to health during the quarantine. As long as he washed his hands, twice a day was taking a shower, while heavily rubbed himself washcloth, and soap consumed so much that sometimes he took a piece a day. Also for protection from COVID-19 was used antiseptics with a high alcohol content. Them Muscovite processed hands to the elbow and occasionally rubbed and body.

This hygiene regime lasted from March 30 until April 15. One morning the man woke up and noticed red spots all over the body. In the end had to break the isolation and to go to the clinic. Doctors ARC astonished: such a harsh treatment destroyed the protective layers of the skin, it thinned and cracked. Now, antiseptics and soap for Muscovite banned. Instead, an antihistamine, a special body lotion and cream.


Says dermatologist Tatyana Egorova: “I Can assume that this person started dermatitis. It is manifested by redness, skin peeling, cracks and itching.

Frequent contact with water and detergents are extremely harmful to the skin as the treatment of hands with an antiseptic three times a day. The higher the percentage of alcohol in the vehicle, so it is more aggressive. There is no harmless antiseptics for the skin. In this sense, antibacterial wipes even preferable. Them valid handle hands 5-6 times a day. And bathe more than once a day too. Leather dry and damaged. If you use antiseptic, then apply the cream. Moreover, preference should be given to pharmacy drugs. A good cream with vitamin F, nourishes/ After applying the cream hands can wrap film.


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