Coronavirus attacks not only the lungs but and other bodies

Coronavirus not only destroys the lungs, but can damage the heart, kidneys and liver.

Doctors around the world see evidence that COVID-19 can cause many problems not related to the lungs, including inflammation of the heart, acute kidney disease, neurological disorders, blood clots, damage to bowel and liver problems, reports the Washington Post.

According to Alan Kliger from Yale school of medicine, nearly half of patients hospitalized with the virus are in urine blood or protein, indicating kidney damage.

Kliger said that 14-30 % of patients in intensive care units acquire the coronavirus renal failure and need dialysis or permanent renal replacement therapy.

The study showed that most coronavirus coats the alveoli of the lungs, leading to suffocation.

“Sometimes it seems that in a patient with a coronavirus respiratory status is normal, and then suddenly he develops cardiac failure, which is disproportionate to his respiratory problem, said Mitchell Elkind, of Columbia University neurologist and President-elect of the American Heart Association. – It makes you wonder about the direct effects of the virus on the heart.”

Some reports have also indicated that coronavirus can infect the liver. It can also cause blood clots which can break away, to move into the lungs and cause death by pulmonary embolism.


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