U.S. scientists call the factors that are detrimental to the coronavirus

The new coronavirus has already adapted to the heat, so do not expect that with the advent of hot summer, the virus disappears by itself. To such conclusion scientists from the USA.

Bill Bryant, American scientist, found that a new virus has already adapted to the heat. In the absence of the sun and a temperature of 21-23 degrees and humidity of 20% the half-life of coronavirus in the saliva of man is 18 hours, informs Telegrams-channel “Before all“.

Under the same conditions, but at a humidity of 80% the half-life is 6 hours. If the temperature will be 35 degrees and the humidity 80 %, the virus decays in one hour.

That is why the President of the United States Donald trump and encouraged to treat the virus by sunlight. Also, the White house announced the allocation of additional funds in the amount of 484 billion dollars to fight the virus.

Later a presentation was made by William Biran, Advisor on science and technology of the Ministry of interior of the United States. “Direct sunlight has a strong effect and leads to the death of the virus on the surface and in the air. Similar effect we observed with high temperature and humidity. These factors are also detrimental to the virus,” he said.


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