About psychological health and best practices work with internal alarms on the MIEF-online

О психологическом здоровье и передовых практиках работы с внутренними тревогами на ММСО-онлайн

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In 2020, the Moscow international Salon of education will be held from 26 April to 8 may in an online format. For implementation of the project will involve a new communication digital platform that will unite government officials, professional experts and the business community, students and their parents.

The online format allows to significantly expand the audience of the Salon, increasing the number of unique visitors to 250,000 and for the first time on this scale to combine all the English-speaking world around common concerns and values.

Those who follow the latest research and trends in the field of psychology will be interested to participate in master classes and analyze case studies in psychology in the framework of the cluster “further education”. Presents practices and techniques will be useful not only to professionals but to all who care about the emotional and psychological well-being of children and adults in school and beyond.

The specialists of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO” will share their experience with stress in the management team, propose methods to support staff and students in a situation of closing schools, will assess current stress levels.

Consolidation of efforts of the Federal scientific and methodological center in the field of psychology and pedagogy of tolerance, of the laboratory of prevention of antisocial behavior, Institute of education, HSE and service “Good” will allow you to understand this difficult but extremely relevant issue as bullying. Whether increasing the level of aggression in schools? What to do with “bullying”? How to respond to risks of growth of cyberbullying in terms of isolation and care in the Internet?

Talk about the positive teacher practices care: specialist will share the success of the British project Mindfulness in Schools and the American organization Mindful Schools.

Foreign researchers note that teachers who have mastered the practices of care, less burn out at work and better cope with stress, a more flexible approach to the learning process and better find a common language with children. Practices useful for the children: according to studies, improves their academic performance and well-being, they experience less anxiety and better manage their attention. The webinar will be presented basic principles and methods of mindfulness practices in education, and students will be able to try out one of methods of work.

Of particular interest is the master class for managing resource state in education. In connection with the transition to the online format of the training, all participants it is important to move quickly and to reduce the level of stress. Concern about their own balance (work-life balance) and psychological well-being (well-being) comes to the fore for professionals in the field of education. During the master class will address the issues of balance in a situation of uncertainty, work with anxious States in a pandemic and basic principles of information hygiene.

Join thousands of like-minded people, register now on the website of MIEF 2020.

Participation in all events is free.

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