“The question is not removed” Lukashenka told about the new Constitution

«Вопрос не снимается»: Лукашенко рассказал о новой конституцииIn Belarus in the next five years may be a new Constitution. About it the head of the country Alexander Lukashenko said last year. In the fall he announced the creation of a special working group to develop amendments to the basic law of the Republic. Then he noted that to prepare the amendments in haste is not worth it.

In the next five years Belarus will adopt a new Constitution, announced the head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko during the visit to Homel region.

“The issue of the Constitution… He is not removed. There is definitely answer is that we in the next five years likely will have a new Constitution”, — quotes its words Reuters.

However, he assured that despite the situation with the pandemic coronavirus in Belarus this year will be the election of the President of the Republic. They will be held in accordance with the current basic law. “Then we can clearly say that we will hold them under the Constitution, as I promised”, — he reminded.

Regular elections of the President of Belarus to be held on 30 August 2020. Earlier, Lukashenko said that he was going to be re-elected for the presidency of the Republic.

That the country would change the primary legal document, Lukashenko said last year. In November 2019, he promised to establish a team of specialists who will work on the preparation of the updated draft of the basic law of Belarus. He noted that changes to the Constitution should not be adopted in haste.

In late March, the head of the country has already raised the issue of holding elections in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus. Lukashenka expressed confidence that the authorities of the country there is no reason to carry this event. He said this at a working meeting with the Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the national Assembly Natalia Kochanova.

Lukashenka noted that there are a number of issues that should be discussed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. “We will not hide, it and political issues — the presidential election year. The biggest problem is the economy. However, this issue will not go,” he said.

According to him, it is necessary “not only to discuss but also to plan presidential elections.” “We have no reason to carry a presidential election, as some of us here — not enemies, not rivals, tells you,” — said Lukashenko, noting that the UN political Affairs Mr “not going anywhere”, they “need to discuss”.

If regarding the presidential election Lukashenko is sure in their implementation, in the case of message to people and Parliament, this year came a hitch. Earlier, the head of the Republic noted that it still did not take place because of the “coreopsis”.

“Due to the current situation, because of this psychosis [pandemic coronavirus], who turned around. Due to the fact that different political forces within States trying to use it for some political purposes, which is unacceptable. And most importantly — economic uncertainty around the world,” he said, speaking about the reasons why he is still not addressed to the citizens of the country (last year the event was held on 19 April).

However, he noticed that the appeal was scheduled for mid-April, but without giving a specific date. According to him, this date should not be. “As soon as ready would be the message, and it would be consistent with the spirit of today, it would have sounded in the middle of April. But the situation with koronatsiia, infections, and then declared the pandemic dramatically changed the situation not only in our country but worldwide,” — said the head of Belarus.

“Just imagine the President at the podium today — and he can say: maybe, and if so, then so be it, but if the commercials, it will be different… or not say”, — modeled the situation of Lukashenka.

As for the coronavirus, previously the Belarusian leader expressed the opinion that it was a punishment from God for wrong attitudes of people to nature.

“Have you noticed, and some Telegram-channels, which we “worried” every day, but in vain, did not notice: I said that he [the Lord] saw that ugly we treat the environment, to the lifestyle that we have does not correspond to the criteria that need to be, and hit us on the head [refers to a coronavirus pandemic],” said Lukashenko during a traditional Republican Saturday.

Today in Belarus, found nearly 9.6 thousand infected COVID-19. Only in recent days has increased to 817 infected. 67 people died.


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