The coronavirus can cause sudden strokes in young people

Doctors from new York have warned that the coronavirus can cause sudden strokes in people aged 30-40 years who have the disease comes in the form of light, writes the New York Post.

Employees of the health system Mount Sinai found that there are increasing cases of severe blood clotting in patients with COVID-19, with the result that the rapidly growing number of strokes in people who usually do not suffer from them.

“It seems that the virus causes an increase in clotting in the major arteries, which leads to severe stroke.” said neurosurgeon Dr. Thomas Oxley.

Oxley and his colleagues say that before the pandemic, they usually have registered less than two cases of stroke per month in people under the age of 50, however over a two week period of a pandemic from a stroke suffered five people of a young age. The results of their observations will be published in a letter in the Medical journal New England.

“Our report shows a sevenfold increase in the frequency of sudden stroke in young patients over the past two weeks. Most of these patients had no history of the disease in the past and was at home with mild symptoms (or in two cases, without symptoms) Covid “, – said Oxley. “All tested positive. Two of them had delayed calling an ambulance.”

The message of doctors from Mount Sinai will be particularly true for new York, where the local authorities recommended to the citizens not to ask for help in a 911, unless they have serious symptoms, e.g., shortness of breath, so as not to overflow calls and so on occupy the line. At the same time, some people fear hospitals because they are afraid of Contracting coronavirus.

Oxley says his team encourages people to call 911 if they experience symptoms of a stroke. He recommended the rule of thumb that will help you to quickly identify the signs of a stroke – BLOW (the English equivalent FAST): HAVE the smile that during the attack, and usually asymmetrical; D – move – we need to raise both arms or legs, stroke one of the limbs will be raised more slowly; And – you must say the word “articulation” a few times because one of the signs of a stroke – speech disorder; R – that means making quick decisions to seek medical attention upon detection of at least one of the signs of a stroke.


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