Perhaps the brain of Kim Jong-UN died during heart surgery

The North Korean leader recently disappeared, and there is information that he could not move heart surgery. Editor Japanese media “Weekly Modern” Daisuke Condo April 24, said that Kim Jong-UN has become a “vegetable” after the surgery by cardiac catheterization. It is reported Health.

Daisuke Kondo argues that the source of information was health worker from mainland China. The article said that Kim Jong-UN suddenly fell to the ground during the tour, and accompanying his doctor delivered the North Korean leader to the nearest hospital for cardiac massage.

The article said that North Korea urgently demanded that China “immediately sent a medical team from Beijing”. On the Chinese side for assistance in Pyongyang left a group of nearly 50 people, led by doctors from the National centre of cardiovascular diseases and hospital No. 301 people’s liberation army. They brought special medical equipment.

But doctors Kim Jong-UN couldn’t wait and decided to do emergency surgery to install a heart stent. The operation of stenting is not very complicated, and the process of insertion of a stent in the blood vessel can be completed in about one minute.

The cardiac surgeon who performed the surgery, was trained in China. He was very nervous, his hands trembled. To do this he had to do a similar operation to the human physique as Kim Jong-UN. According to media reports, Kim Jong UN weighs about 130 lbs. So the doctor took about eight minutes to insert the stent. During this time the brain of Kim Jong-UN died of oxygen failure, and his body is now in a vegetative state.

Official confirmation of information Daisuke Condo is not currently received.

Deputy Director HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television said North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is dead. Official data on this issue yet.

North Korean media did not comment on the situation.

As reported by the New York Post, David Maxwell, an expert on North Korea from the Foundation for defense of democracies, suggested that the coronavirus could be the deciding factor in the case, if Kim Jong UN really dead. From the North Korean leader was observed obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

According to Maxwell, North Korea said that no cases COVID-19, but the information may be false.

“It would be unprecedented and shocking, if the woman became a Great Leader, but it is quite possible, ‘said sung-Yoon Lee, an expert from North Korea to the School of diplomacy them. Fletcher Tufts University. – The need to keep power in the family is superior to all, including any tradition of chauvinism or misogyny in North Korea”.

Maxwell said that North Korea is likely to close every inch of the border in the event of the death of their leader and the Politburo, and the country will meet behind closed doors to appoint his successor.



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