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All about coronavirus COVID-19 on April 26

The main news about coronavirus COVID-19 on April 26:

  • The death toll from the virus in the world exceeded 200 thousand, and the number of infected is closer to 3 million
  • The Prime Minister, who was hospitalized with coronavirus, back to work on Monday, April 27.
  • In Spain, the weakening of the quarantine: the country will allow training and Hiking with you next weekend.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread to 185 countries and has claimed 203 thousand lives. The numbers continue to increase.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are 2 908 527 cases of infection, and 824 002 man recovered.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in the process of recovery in a country residence once spent three nights in intensive care. According to the representative of the government, he will return to work on Monday, April 27. Johnson must decide whether to ease the quarantine in time, as leading scientists warn that the number of new cases is still too high.

Statistics from countries where confirmed by the largest number of cases COVID-19:

  1. USA — 939 249
  2. Spain — 223 759
  3. Italy — 195 351
  4. France — 161 644
  5. Germany — 156 513

Statistics on countries with the highest mortality rate now looks like this:

  1. USA — 53 934 deaths (17 of 126 in the city of new York)
  2. Italy — 26 384 death
  3. Spain — 22 902 of death
  4. France — 22 614 deaths
  5. UK — 20 319 deaths

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