Astronomers have found a star emerging from approaching a black hole

Астрономы обнаружили звезду, пережившую сближение с черной дырой

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Astronomers have recorded in the galaxy GSN 069 convergence of stars with the supermassive black hole, the star was captured by its gravity, but not destroyed, according to Twitter-based Chandra Observatory of NASA.

“Star managed to survive the approaching a black hole, it rotates around the black hole, every nine hours, losing ground with each turn,” — said in the message.

It is noted that the star maybe for trillions of years losing so much weight, which will be a planet with a mass like Jupiter.

In the release, the Observatory says that the convergence of the stars happened with the black hole in the galaxy GSN 069, located at a distance of 250 million light years from Earth. These data have been obtained x-ray Observatory “Chandra” and XMM-Newton.

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