The differences of iPhone SE iPhone 8

Раскрыты отличия iPhone SE от iPhone 8

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Smartphone iPhone SE differs from the more affordable iPhone 8 chip, camera and several other components. This is stated in the review of two devices that became popular on Reddit.

Blogger from China, took apart both phones to the camera, showing key differences between the models. In particular, the author pointed out different processors, modems, wifi modules, which differ from other batteries. Despite similar modules single camera, having a resolution of 12 megapixels each, circuit Board components have a different design.

Judging by the video, the remaining parts of the two iPhone are identical and interchangeable. For example, to SE fits iPhone front panel screen of the iPhone 8, and Vice versa. According to the blogger, it can facilitate future maintenance and repair of the device. To demonstrate the compatibility of parts obzorschik dismantled the machines and reassembled them mixed up components. In the comments on Reddit have called the resulting device “iPhone SE-8 Frankenstein”.

According to the description on the Apple website, the SE differs from the more old smartphone portrait selfie camera and the presence of eSIM. The company also said that the processor and graphics accelerator new phone faster same components of the iPhone 8 1.4 and 2 times, respectively.

After the release of the updated iPhone SE from the Apple iPhone 8 has disappeared. The company removed the device from sale due to the fact that the unit 2017 has a lot to do with the new phone, including the 4.7-inch screen, Home button with Touch ID, a single camera 12 megapixels of resolution, positioning on the market.

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