Response to the crisis: the rules and trump convene the UN security Council

Ответ на кризис: Макрон и Трамп созывают Совбез ООНThe presidents of the United States and France, Donald trump and Emmanuel macron expect to convene a meeting of the five permanent members of the UN security Council to discuss the pandemic coronavirus. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on April 27 stated that all permanent members support this idea and now the issue date of the meeting. The UN security Council held its first meeting on the pandemic, until 10 April at the initiative of the non-permanent members. However, to avoid controversy and politicization was not possible.

Trump and macron intend to convene a meeting of the five permanent members of the UN security Council — the US, France, Russia, China and Britain — to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, and measures to combat it.

“President trump and President Makron discussed positive developments in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and progress in the “discovery” of the world economies. The leaders expressed hope that soon will be convened by the five permanent [members of the UN security Council] to discuss the UN response to the pandemic” — quoted by RIA “Novosti” the words of White house spokesman Judd Deere.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, gave a lecture to MGIMO students via videoconference, said that all the permanent members of the UN supported the initiative of holding a summit.

“Five” reflects now on how to contribute to formulating ways to counter the coronavirus. With this aim, agreed, in principle, a videoconference. Now decide what specific day it may happen”, he said.

Russian foreign Minister also said that the permanent members of the UN security Council are responsible for the response to the challenges of this size.

“We are convinced of the relevance of the contribution of “five” at this critical juncture of global development in shaping the directions of further development of interstate relations in the post-crisis period and in General in a situation when the world is going through tectonic change, when fading and bipolar model, and the more the unipolar model and when forming a polycentric world order,” — said Lavrov.

The UN security Council held its first ever session dedicated to combating the pandemic, only 10 of April. The UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, urged the security Council to show unity in the face of this threat. The permanent representative of Russia Vasily Nebenzia at the meeting, held in videoconference format, said about the need to remove unilateral sanctions from those countries that are most affected by the coronavirus.

Anyway, while pandemic only showed the loss of the UN security Council, its relevance as a platform for discussion, cooperation and problem solving between countries. In General, the first reaction of the international community outbreak of coronavirus was rather confused. Of the country in a chaotic manner closed the borders, despite the fact that the who does not recommend it. Another reason for the disagreement was just who — for some time the parties were engaged in a discussion of the effectiveness of the organization. As a result, 15 April, the US suspended funding for the who because Washington is unhappy that the organization, in his view, has focused its efforts on helping China. Beijing, in turn, promised to send who more money.

Another issue that caused differences between countries, was the call of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and Venezuela to remove sanctions against those countries that are most affected by the pandemic. However, the initiative remained in the discussion.

However, when the leading countries came to the need for a coordinated response to the pandemic, they are not addressed to the UN and informal forums such as the G20 and G7.

The meeting took place 10 April only because this was demanded by the nine non-permanent members of the UN security Council.

However, to avoid politicization in the discussions of the pandemic, the meeting failed. As reported by Politico, citing a senior European diplomats, China has not wanted to discuss coronavirus in the Security Council, given the current trend to criticism of actions of China.

Lead the camp of critics of the United States. The head of the White house Donald trump calls coronavirus “Chinese” virus and accuses Beijing in late and opaque response. Later the rhetoric of the American President picked up the other leaders.

In an interview for the Financial Times, the President of France Emmanuel macron said about the “dark spots” in the management of the epidemic by the Chinese authorities.

“Given these differences and the fact that today is a China, I Express my respect, but let’s not be naive and we will not say that they coped with the epidemic much better. We don’t know. Obviously, there happened what we don’t know,” said the French leader.

The British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that London is going to revise its relations with China. He also stressed that, first and foremost, the international community must investigate and find out exactly how the outbreak started in the fashion industry, why she failed to stop at the early stages and the role of the Chinese government in these events.

Anyway, in early April, Beijing insisted that the pandemic is not included in the mandate of the UN security Council. At the meeting of 10 April, the permanent representative of China to the UN Zhang csun said that the security Council is obliged to reject any manifestations of stigma and politicization.

“To overcome this global challenge, we need solidarity, cooperation, mutual support and assistance, while shifting the blame to anything won’t lead,” he said.

However, Washington requires that any discussions and decisions were focused on the origin, coronavirus, which, of course, causes irritation of the PRC.

“Now each of us in the Council following the eyes of the world, and we must act to save lives, said U.S. Ambassador to Kelly Kraft. Is the most effective way of containing the pandemic in a thorough, based on scientific principles, data collection and analysis of the origin, characteristics and peculiarities of the spread of the virus”.

The result of the meeting would be a resolution in support of the appeal by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to cease hostilities around the world, and to enhance access to humanitarian aid and to follow internationally coordinated approach to fight the pandemic. But this did not happen.

How to write European media with reference to sources, some members of the Security Council still attempted to formulate a resolution, but their efforts met resistance from the United States as Washington insists that the statement should make reference to the fact that the virus originated in China.

Sovereign reaction to coronavirus

Perhaps it is because of politicization, which has long been accompanied by many discussions in the UN, world leaders appealed to other international groups to coordinate efforts and develop response to pandemic coronavirus.

During March and April, a video conference was conducted by the Ministers of Finance and health, the foreign Ministers and the leaders of the “big seven” and “big twenty”. China, which chaired the Security Council in March, when the who announced a coronavirus infection by the pandemic, did not convene a meeting.

The result of the G20 summit was the agreement on the allocation of over $5 trillion to overcome the financial consequences of a pandemic coronavirus.

However, the contradiction between China and the United States at risk of have an impact on the future work of the “big twenty”.

A teleconference with participation of the leaders of the G20 countries, which was to be held April 24, was postponed at the last minute due to disagreements in the US and China on the work of the who. This was announced by the Hong Kong The South China Morning Post (SCMP), citing sources who took part in the preparation of the meeting.

According to the publication, the White house believes that who should bear responsibility for combating the pandemic coronavirus at a very early stage. China, however, refused to discuss the activities of the organization.

The reaction of the UN security Council has now become urgent mainly because of the request develop socio-economic response to the pandemic. In General, the UN does not take economic decisions, because they do not have enough tools to implement these solutions, said in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the expert of the International Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter.

“We see that countries have taken sovereign decisions to the United Nations they didn’t. They anybody did not address, even within the EU decision was different. And now there is the need to made decisions on the socio-economic consequences. We see that already there are unemployment numbers in the United States — these figures are quite impressive, and so we can assume that required some General decision on the recovery of the global economy.

But we also see that the US and the Federal reserve take again a sovereign decision. Sovereign decisions are made by Congress, the sovereign decision taken by the President, and these decisions can have different impacts, different consequences in different countries, so there is an understanding that it is necessary in some collaborative way to find these solutions, even though I have this issue quite a lot of skepticism,” explains the expert.

Indeed, news about the unemployment rate in the United States no less disturbing than the statistics of the incidence of coronavirus in the world. Advisor to trump on the economy Kevin Hassett said yesterday in an interview with ABC that unemployment in the country can reach the level of the great depression, after the country recovers from the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“During the crisis of 2008, we lost 8.7 million jobs. Now we are losing so many jobs every ten days,” said Hassett.

Political differences between the US and China also reduce the likelihood of a coordinated global response to the pandemic. The problem is, however still in different needs and different situations in each country.

“The United States, without waiting for any international decisions, spent $3 trillion is crazy numbers that change, in General, the entire global economy. This roughly coincides with the American external borrowing, i.e. the United States, this debt has increased over one point twice. They will have it in some way to make external though, because they need funding for the money” — draws the attention of Vladimir Bruter.

April 9, the Federal reserve announced a grant package of $2.3 trillion to support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the States and municipalities in the conditions of economic crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Earlier, the U.S. Congress has allocated more than $2 trillion.

“That is money they were given, but the source of funding for them is not defined, and therefore they will have to sell additional bonds under similar to this sum or some other way to pursue a policy of easing. And none of the other countries can’t do that, we see how hard it happens in the EU, in Russia and in China — has no such financial possibilities, so, of course, are all in different situations. And when all are in different situations, it is very difficult to assume that they will or that they are bound to each other in any way to agree and agreements will be mutually acceptable. Therefore, U.S.-China differences are not the only problem” — sums up the expert.


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