Excess weight increases the risk of death from coronavirus, experts warn

According to recent studies, 9 out of 10 die from coronavirus patients belonging to risk groups — in particular, elderly or suffering from chronic diseases. But there is another factor that many have overlooked, looking at the stats: weight patients.

According to New York University, studied the cases of seriously ill 4,103 COVID-19, although the main risk factor was the age of the patients, in second place was the obesity. Researchers from the UK Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) came to a similar conclusion: 3/4 of people infected is in critical condition suffering from a weight problem.

In the words of Rob Andrews of Exeter University, if you gained a little weight during the quarantine, it is unlikely to increase the probability of severe disease — however, does not mean that this issue should be treated lightly.

As Andrews explains, obesity impedes the expansion of the diaphragm and lungs, which in turn reduces the oxygen supply to vital organs and contributes to the development of several diseases.

“Being overweight interferes with normal ventilation. — he explains — Thus increases the likelihood of lung and heart diseases, asthma, diabetes.”

In addition, patients suffering from obesity are more likely to need a ventilator, because excess fat can put pressure on their respiratory tract and interfere with the oxygen supply in sufficient quantity.

Scientists not for the first time indicate a relationship of excess weight and mortality among patients with influenza-like viruses. About the patterns reported in the study of a swine flu pandemic that killed 284 thousand people worldwide in 2009.

Then, in the US, where there are a record number of citizens with obesity, flu died 12,469 people — while in Japan, where obesity affects only 2% of the population, there was not a single death.


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