“The decline of the epidemic”: France is out of quarantine

«Спад эпидемии»: Франция выходит из карантинаFrance on may 11 will begin to remove the restrictive measures introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus. The first phase of the government’s plan involves the cancellation of the special permit and the opening of shopping centers. But restaurants and cafes will not receive visitors until at least the summer. This subsequent lifting of the restrictions is directly dependent on the epidemiological situation and can be deferred at any time.

The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe said that since may 11, allowed free movement in the streets of the country without special paperwork. The head of the Cabinet said during a speech in Parliament where he also presented the government’s plan for the removal of restrictive measures.

“Exception — for travel more than 100 kilometers from the place of residence, which is possible only for compelling family or work needs,” added Philip.

According to him, the first stage also envisages the opening of business organizations, churches and mosques, the lifting of the ban on individual sports and the reopening of kindergartens on a voluntary basis.

The removal of restrictions will be conducted in accordance with the epidemiological situation in a particular region of France, said Philip. In the event of a deterioration recovery from the crisis may be delayed.

“We should begin the necessary, but also causing widespread fear, the release from quarantine. The decline of the epidemic has already begun,” — said the French Prime Minister.

Together with the gradual withdrawal of measures will continue for mass screening of the citizens of the coronavirus. On may 11, plans to borrow not less than 700 thousand tests on a daily basis. The inspections will not only cover people with symptoms or contact with infected be expanded to identify possible channels of spread of the virus.

The cost of the tests will cover state social insurance. Also, the authorities have contracted with private firms so that the French could take the test near their homes.

“If there is a positive result for the presence of coronavirus], we undertake to carry out work for identification and verification of all who came in contact with him, with or without symptoms. All of them will be asked to isolate themselves at the time of the incubation period,” assured Philip.

The first phase of the lifting of the quarantine is scheduled to end on June 2 that will allow you to tailor action to the situation. The Prime Minister said that the French authorities do not rule out the risk of the second wave of the epidemic, therefore, the abolition of restrictions must be made with extreme caution.

“We’ll have to live with the virus there is no vaccine and effective drugs and immunity”, — said Philip.

While France is not going to open restaurants, bars and cafes — the decision will be made closer to the end of the month. Gardens and parks will be opened only where this will allow the epidemiological situation, and permits to visit the beaches should not be expected before 1 June.

“Meetings organized in public places or on private property, would be limited to 10 participants. The mayor will continue to offer cancellation of weddings, except for the urgent cases,” said Philip, speaking in Parliament.

Mass measures the French government is going to allow at least September, and all cultural programs, sports competitions and various tournaments of the season 2019/2020 will not be renewed in principle.

At the same time, secondary schools should gradually resume its work on may 18, but again it will depend on the situation around the spread of coronavirus. The opening of the College must limit the number of students in classes of up to 15 people, obligatory compliance with social distance, and wearing personal protective equipment.

In this gradual lifting of restrictions in the early stages does not mean that the security measures for the population as a whole.

That is, the wearing of masks is mandatory when travelling on public transport or at work. In addition, the quarantine fully continues to operate for the elderly that is at risk.

According to the latest figures, France recorded more than 165 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, the number of deaths has exceeded 23 thousand. Authorities say the stabilization of the situation, which gives the opportunity for early exit from quarantine. While the French scientific Council forecasts from 1 thousand to 3 thousand new cases daily after may 11.

It should be noted that the start date of lifting the restrictive measures in France, the President of Emmanuel macron has called during his last treatment on April 13. According to Le Figaro, the French leader’s desire has caused discontent of Philip, although the President denied the existence of any conflict.

“The whole Executive power is fully configured to overcome this crisis. I’m not going to pander to those rumors trying to divide the government, particularly the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic,” — said the Makron at the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

However, the submission of a plan for the removal of restrictions removes the question about the opposition, and its implementation largely depends on the epidemiological situation, from politicians. Until may 11, two weeks left, and the government forecast is giving hope for a favorable development of events.


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