The extension of the quarantine in Russia: Dr. Protsenko announced his position

Denis Protsenko, chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka, where they treat patients with coronavirus, in favour of the extension of quarantine in Russia. The opinion he voiced, detailed study of 52 death.

Yesterday, April 29, Denis Protsenko, the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka, made a statement on the extension of quarantine measures in Russia, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

On his page in the social network is a 40-year-old chief physician published a post about the extension of the quarantine. However, he supported his position with statistics.

In his words, doctors hospital in Kommunarka studied 52 fatalities in the result of coronavirus infection. After that, he supported the extension of quarantine measures across the country.

To post Protsenko attached two charts. On one it was shown that 85 % of deaths the main “killer” was made by a coronavirus. On the second chart was shown that 49% of deaths are people over the age of 70 years. 22% are Russians aged 61 to 70 years and 14% of deaths occurred in age from 36 to 50 years.

Not long ago, the chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka he had coronavirus.


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