WP: reconnaissance in January and February have repeatedly warned trump about the dangers of coronavirus

WP: разведка еще в январе и феврале неоднократно предупреждала Трампа об опасности коронавируса

WP: разведка еще в январе и феврале неоднократно предупреждала Трампа об опасности коронавируса

American intelligence services in January and February warned the President of the United States Donald Trap about the danger of a new coronavirus in more than ten secret reports, but the then head of state did not take it seriously, writes The Washington Post, citing current and former officials.

The warning was contained in the daily summary reports, which lay on the table of the President every morning and intended to draw his attention to the most significant events in the world and security threats. For several weeks intelligence was tracking the spread of coronavirus in the world. Reports Trump said that China understates the extent of the contamination and the number of deaths and raised the prospect of heavy political and economic consequences.

However, according to sources of the newspaper, trump usually skip reading these documents and shows little patience even to the oral reports which are introduced to him two or three times a week. Senior health officials and advisers to the President also reported on the coronavirus in January and February, but their messages were sometimes confusing and contradictory, the newspaper said.

In the office of the Director of national intelligence and the White house deny that the trump was in no hurry to respond to the coronavirus threat. According to one of the officials, from mid-January, the virus has been referred to in reports Trump often and was one of the main themes, and it almost certainly drew the attention of the President in the verbal reports. In late January, the trump has limited flights between the US and China.

However, until that moment, when the world health organization (who) declared a pandemic COVID-19, trump continued to publicly downplay the threat and to reassure Americans that the epidemic will disappear, notes the WP. February 25, when the territory of the United States has already been noted dozens of cases of infection, Director of the National center of immunization and respiratory diseases Nancy Message warned about the rapid and inevitable spread of coronavirus in the country, which will lead to serious disturbances in the lives of people.

Trump the next day said that the number of cases within a few days will come to naught, and the statements Message felt panic. Minister of health Alex Azar, in turn, reported to a congressional Committee about the low risk of infection for Americans and stated that the outbreak of the coronavirus will look and be felt as a strong flu season. Now he faces retirement due to “miscalculations” that he was convinced trump that COVID-19 did not pose a serious danger to the United States.

March 10, the day before the who declared the outbreak a pandemic, trump urged to remain calm and assured that the virus will soon be gone. The next day in connection with the sharp increase in the number of cases in new York and a sharp drop in the stock market trump has declared a state of emergency in the country and stopped the traffic with Europe, which at that time became the new epicenter distribution COVID-19.

Now USA is in first place in the world in the number of infected. According to the Johns Hopkins University at the time of writing, there are 988 469 253 cases and 56 deaths. Most deaths occurred in the city of new York (17.5 thousand). Statistical portal Worldometers reports that the number of cases in the United States during the pandemic, over 1 million people.


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