Diseases of the heart and lungs — possible long-term effects of coronavirus

Dr. Janet Shapiro, working in Morningside Heights (NY), was among the medical workers who fought against coronavirus at the forefront. A few weeks after the start of the pandemic, the woman noticed that he had lost the sense of taste and soon she was diagnosed with coronavirus.

Although Janet was safely recovered and returned to work, she quickly realized that something was still wrong.

“I felt my heart kind of races, could not run as before, with difficulty breathing. says the woman in an interview with NBC — I was beginning to worry that with heart something not so”.

Janet’s fears were confirmed. Examination showed that she had developed cardiomyopathy — a disease of the myocardium that impedes the flow of blood from the heart to other organs.

According to experts, the case of Shapiro may be a good example of the long-term consequences COVID-19. Doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital say that the number of patients who recovered from coronavirus, however, began to suffer from heart disease or lung and kidney problems and blood vessels, is growing rapidly. The majority of patients not previously complained about his health.

Now experts from Mount Sinai gather a team of experts to understand how serious the link between the potentially deadly virus and developed the disease.

“We see cases of patients <…> with symptoms of heart disease, says cardiologist Dr. Matt Tom — but are only beginning to understand what might be the long-term consequences COVID-19″.

Dr. Shapiro, in turn, continues to work — although trying, wherever possible, to spare the weak from the disease organism. The woman admits that the sense of taste it still not back yet, but she is glad to be back on his feet and to help other patients.

“Every day on the virus is new information arises. — says Janet — We never encountered anything like that.”


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