Zakharova and Bulk on the online debate: the format and location of the broadcast

May 1 at 17:00 (Moscow) on YouTube channel “Bulk LIVE” to be held online debate between Alexei Navalny and Maria Zakharova. Each participant on the opening remarks given 3-4 minutes, and then begin cross-examine each other. The initiator of the debate became the official representative of the MFA of Russia.

Yesterday, April 30, Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry, called on the online debate Alexei Navalny, the founder of Fund of fight against corruption, informs a resource “the Insider“.

“Comrade Navalny, have the oligarchs over? Well, what? Ready Alexei to the conversation? Not in the courts, where you can hide behind wording or lawyers. And online? Because coward” – with these words Zakharov turned to Bulk.

And after a while under her post in Facebook policies, issued a brief response: “Yes, easily”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman admitted that it will be satisfied with any online format, the main thing that Navalny did not give back. Zakharova surprised by the fact that the Bulk of the constantly criticized “advocates”, though he himself it is time to work on the “propaganda channel”.

The reason for the debate was the next issue of Navalny about Zakharov. Foreign Ministry spokesman, in an interview on “Zygar” shared his opinion, what will be the travel system in the world after coronavirus.

During the live broadcast of the online debate can be watch on YouTube “Bulk LIVE”.


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