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Acne Buterin: Issue in Ethereum 2.0 will not exceed 2 million coins per year

The Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin in the podcast Crypto POV said that one of the reason why the developers have chosen a Proof-of-Stake as a consensus mechanism in Ethereum 2.0, was that they wanted to significantly reduce emissions of ETH.

“The specifications for Ethereum 2.0 we calculated that the theoretical maximum output will be at around 2 million a year if it will be involved virtually every,” said Buterin.

The current network produces about Ethereum ETH 4.7 million annually. It is expected that the Ethereum 2.0 emissions would range between 100 000 and 2 million ETH in the year, while in real conditions it will be significantly below the maximum value.

Buterin also mentioned that the total turnover of the coins can be reduced by large volumes of transactions in the network due to the fact that a portion of each fee to be burned. “This is the basic option payment, which is applicable to the Protocol,” he said, explaining that when you send a transaction, the Commission is divided into two parts, the first goes to the miner as a “tip” and the other part is just burned.

Another key difference between the new network of Ethereum is to adjust the size of the blocks (not commissions) in response to network activity. “Is the volatility of transaction fees we will have volatility in the size of the block,” he said. Currently, users have difficulties in choosing the optimal amount of fees, especially in periods of high activity in the network.

Support test network Ethereum continues to grow ― and this week appeared the message about joining a mining pool OKEx to testnew Topaz the validator. The test network is currently involved approximately 24,000 active validators.


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