Hubble showed the fragments of the “comet year”

«Хаббл» показал обломки «кометы года»

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New images taken by the Hubble space telescope, show the fragments of comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS), which has failed to become the comet of the year. This is with reference to the site of the telescope according to the portal ScienceAlert.

Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) failed to become the comet of the year, as previously assumed. The comet disintegrated before reaching perihelion and not even passing earth’s orbit. Space telescope “Hubble” captures at least 25-30 fragments of comets that continue to move to the inner Solar system. According to astronomers, the shape of the fragments varies considerably. This is either due to the fact that things flare up and glow, reflecting sunlight, or because different fragments can be considered on different days.

Experts hope that the disintegration of the comet will not hurt to see her with the naked eye from Earth. The researchers also plan to study the destruction of the comet while it is flying past. ATLAS is now in orbit around Mars and has not yet passed earth’s orbit. If the comet’s speed will not change, it will fly past us at a distance of 115 million miles on may 23, 2020.

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