Thanks for the work: Tokayev was dismissed Nazarbayev’s daughter

Благодарность за работу: Токаев уволил дочь НазарбаеваThe eldest daughter of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Dariga dismissed from the post of President of the Senate of the Republic. The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev expressed gratitude Nazarbayeva for “active and fruitful work.” Two months earlier in London was the arrest of the property of Dariga and her relatives. The value of their mansions and apartments is estimated at $100 million.

The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev signed a decree on termination of powers of the eldest daughter of the first President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev, Dariga Nazarbayeva — on a post of the President of the Senate of the Republic.

Tokayev in his post on Twitter expressed gratitude Nazarbayeva for “active and fruitful work” as head of the Senate.

In March this year in London the authorities put a lien on the property of relatives of President Nursultan Nazarbayev — came under attack two mansions and an apartment. It is reported by the BBC.

The property was arrested back in the spring of 2019, but the court revealed owners only this spring — they were the daughter and grandson of the former President of Kazakhstan. The British authorities ordered them to prove the origin of about $100 million to purchase property in an expensive district of the capital.

“Dariga Nazarbayeva and her son Nurali Aliyev and his wife Aida have purchased property worth more than $100 million Mansions and apartment the owners have issued three offshore,” writes the BBC.

It is emphasized that the current market value can be much higher. At the request of British law enforcement in 2019, was arrested a huge mansion located on one of the most expensive streets in the country’s bishops Avenue with an underground swimming pool and cinema.

Also, British authorities arrested a house in the prestigious London district of Highgate and a large apartment in Chelsea. Then state agencies of Britain reported that this property is tied to a politically prominent figure, but the hosts were not specified.

Almost a year later the journalists together with the organizations Finance Uncovered and “transparency international” has published an investigation, which has managed to establish the names of the owners. Immediately after this High court in London allowed to make this information public.

The grandson of the former head of Kazakhstan, Nurali Aliyev asked the court to classify the address of the London homes for the safety of his children, however, received from the judge’s refusal.

The investigation revealed that the entire property is decorated on three of the offshore company, registered in the Netherlands Antilles, Panama and the British overseas territory of Anguilla. Investigators from the National Agency for combating crime (NCA) suggest that all the property was bought with the income of father Nurali Aliyev and the former husband of Dariga Nazarbaeva Rakhat Aliyev.

Rakhat Aliyev known criminal activity in 2000-ies. After a quarrel with President Nazarbayev in 2008, he was deprived of all ranks, ranks and titles, and sentenced in absentia in the aggregate, to 20 years of imprisonment on charges in the murder of two bankers.

Later was in hiding in Austria, where he had previously held the post of Ambassador. Despite repeated demands for extradition to his homeland, while Aliyev was under the protection of the Austrian police, where he applied for political asylum. In response to him brought a criminal case — Aliyev was put in prison in Vienna, where in February 2015, he committed suicide.

Life of Dariga Nazarbayeva at home also proceeded with the scandals in December 2013 she offered to drive children to boarding schools for the disabled. There, according to the official, they will be able to look at the “freaks” and understand the consequences of ill-conceived sex life.

“I believe that from time to time children must be led on a tour of the child’s home, in boarding schools for disabled children, that they may see that this is the result of irresponsible sex life — premature. And these children, freaks, show — let them look. It works stronger than dozens of hours spent on conversations and lectures,” said Dariga.

It is worth Recalling that the first President of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev, who was actually at the helm of the country since 1991, won the election in Kazakhstan with a huge lead over other candidates. In the last election in 2015, 97.7 per cent of voters with a turnout of 95%.

It is worth noting that the new President of Kazakhstan Tokayev his first foreign visit was to Russia, where he held talks with President Vladimir Putin.


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