The patient with the coronavirus had died due to the fact that the residents set the ventilator is too high

Patient from new York with the coronavirus had died after inexperienced interns, which brought to the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, set the ventilator is too high.

About the patient, which was more than 60 years, care staff night shift in a hospital Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. It was the residents of family medicine that have not been properly trained to use the ventilator.

Residents are doctors who have completed training, but are trained in the specialty under the supervision of a more experienced doctor. As residents of family medicine, young doctors not usually working in the intensive care unit with patients in critical condition. But as hospitals are overflowing with patients with the coronavirus, they spread to the job to which they were not ready.

Therefore, when the patient’s condition deteriorated at night and the residents connected her to a ventilator, they accidentally set the device too high, which led to the stop of her heart.

When the doctor of NICU came running in the room, the residents admitted that they did not know how to work with the settings of the ventilator.

The sad incident is just one of the list of similar cases, reported by the Wall Street Journal. Other residents, for example, future dentists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians and psychotherapists, also had to come to the fore of the fight against the coronavirus, because the doctors of the city need help.

In Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, residents anesthesiologists, too, was sent to work as experts in respiratory care, which requires at least 2 years of study. But they were sent to perform this work after 1 briefing document Zoom and Google, who instructed them to call the doctor if they need help, according to the newspaper.

Officials contacted by the newspaper, said that the crisis in the fashion industry, have created unexpected conditions for all employees, forcing them to throw all their forces to fight the pandemic.


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