Kim Jong UN might be hiding together with a group of “Fun”

One of the common versions of the disappearance of Kim Jong-UN is that he was hiding in his luxurious seaside sanctuary in the port city of Wonsan. As reported by the New York Post, the leader of North Korea could be the company for “isolation” – the harem of the 2,000 sex slaves.

According to Sun, the North Korean dictator in 2015 resumed the activities of the group “Pleasure”, which functioned even during his late grandfather.

Some reports say that he was at a luxury resort in the port city, located along the Eastern part of the Korean Peninsula to avoid infection with coronavirus. It is assumed that the harem “isolated themselves” with him.

According to sources, some members of these special forces was only 13 years old when they were taken from school and forced to provide sex services. While girls must undergo invasive medical examination to prove that they are virgin before they will be able to join the squad.

The division of “Fun” or “Cipango”, appeared during the reign of the founder of North Korea Kim Il-sung, who is still considered the eternal President despite his death in 1994.

According to the Sun, in the late 1970-ies he sent his officials to find the most attractive young women and girls exposed in North Korea as a singer and dancers.

Some of them got a job VIP-maids, but most attractive were ordered to become “comfort women” of influential officials. Kim Il sung was particularly fond of virgins, because he believed that sex with them allows him to absorb “Ki” or life force of girls.

Authorities explained the girls ‘ parents that their daughter had an important mission to serve Kim Il-sung, and they had no right of say in the matter. Girls were kept in the mansions of the leaders of the party, they had to do what they were told.

Later, officers of the North Korean military could choose for wives women who “retired” after performing sexual duties before the age of 20 years.

Kenji Fujimoto, a chef at sushi, who worked for the family of Kim Jong-UN in the period from 1989 to 2001, claimed that the brother of Kim Jong-Il, Jang song-Taek, arranged for such girls is “listening”. In order to qualify, according to NK News, the girls first had sex with Jang song-Taek. He was executed in 2013.



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