A vaccine against coronavirus may never appear, — the expert who

The vaccine for coronavirus, may never be invented and the world will have to be prepared for the constant threat – this was stated by the representative of who in an interview on Sunday.

Dr. David Nabarro, Professor of global health at Imperial College London, explained that society should take a position where people will be able to protect yourself from coronavirus, simultaneously conducting daily life. He noted that against some viruses there is no vaccine. At the moment some vaccines are under trials and other experts are optimistic, because COVID-19, as it is known, has properties to mutate at high speed.

“There are some viruses against which we still have no vaccine.” – said he. “We can’t make an absolute assumption that the vaccine actually show up at all or if she will appear if she would pass all the tests of efficiency and safety.”

According to the conclusions of experts from research Center of infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota, COVID-19 will be maintained over the next two years, so States must be prepared to “periodic” outbreaks. This is because to contain the spread will be difficult because many cases are asymptomatic.

Since the distribution COVID-19 was widely reported that without a proven treatment and vaccines should be extremely limited social interaction. Coronavirus is considered to be very contagious and is most dangerous to the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. The health authorities of the States believe that the stringent measures of isolation contributed to the greater decrease in the level of diseases than previously expected.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, the world may never return to “normal” as he used humanity to the pandemic.

“When we get back to normal, we’ll come back to that moment when will be able to function as a society.” – he said. “If you want to revert to the coronavirus, it may never happen, in the sense that the threat exists.”


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