Doctors studied the mysterious “hypoxia happy”, which affects patients with coronavirus

Doctors are increasingly reporting patients with coronavirus suffering from a phenomenon called “hypoxia happy”. At that time, as the patients themselves insist that thrive, medical equipment records they have dangerously low levels of oxygen in the blood.

The level of blood oxygen saturation in a healthy person is at least 95%. Patients COVID-19 it may drop to 70-80% or even up to 50% — however, according to Science Magazine have infected some with the critical indicators about not even guess. Patients as if nothing had happened talking on the phone and communicate with medical staff and his condition is described as “quite acceptable”.

“That shows the equipment, does not correspond to the looks of the patient” — said Dr. Ruben Strayer from Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn.

According to Strayer, at the moment the doctors are trying to figure out what really is a strange phenomenon for the first time attracted the attention of experts in March — and is seen primarily in patients with coronavirus.

As a rule, patients with hypoxia feel suffocated — but not from-for falling of level of oxygen, and because of the increasing level of carbon dioxide. In turn, infected COVID-19 it may not go beyond the norm in the early stages of the disease. Therefore, they do not experience and problems with breathing.

“A number of sensors in your brain monitors the level of carbon dioxide — explains Paul Davenport of the University of Florida — but none of them does not control the level of oxygen.”

The doctors still don’t know what causes “hypoxia happy” patients COVID-19 — however, admit that the cause may be a blockage of the blood vessels. In this regard, many hospitals are already beginning to test patients for markers of excessive blood clotting.

To date, the US has recorded 1.18 million cases of coronavirus.


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