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The complexity of Bitcoin mining grows again

The complexity of Bitcoin (BTC) has installed its second highest difficulty level on Tuesday 5 may. As you approach one of the most anticipated events of the year, fears that small miners can stop mine after the halving, supported by high levels of complexity.

The Bitcoin difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks, balancing competition for awards for the blocks to produce about 144 blocks per day. Adjustment of difficulty has soared to a historic high, setting your second highest bar in 16,1048 t from the moment of crossing level 16,5556 t March 25, 2020.
The change of the complexity of the BTC during the year (Image: Coinwarz)

Soon, the difficulty fell 16% at the next adjustment and since then has gradually increased to current levels.

The difficulty is adjustable higher or lower depending on how the miners performed the previous week. Peak adjustment difficulties 0.92% follow anomalous rate of hash last week, when the hour was mined 16 blocks.

What waits for small miners

The increasing difficulty of mining paints a grim future for small-scale miners after halving, causing the reward for a block will drop from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC BTC.

According to the cryptanalyst Mati Greenspan, the hashing speed will be reduced after the reduction by half, given that the current price of BTC is not enough to be profitable for current miners ASIC of the older generation.

John Todaro, head of the research Department at TradeBlock, believes that the rate of BTC at which mining is break-even will increase from $7000 (current levels) to $12000 -$15000 after halving.

It is expected that the equipment of the old generation will stop working, and small miners will give up after halving, and then the hashing speed will be reduced.



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