All about coronavirus COVID-19 on may 5

The main news about coronavirus COVID-19 on may 5:

  • Israel has announced a “significant breakthrough” in the treatment of coronavirus.
  • In the UK the largest number of deaths from COVID-19 in Europe.
  • In the world recorded more than 250 thousand people.
  • In Spain, third day recorded a record decline in fatalities.

Coronavirus COVID-19 spread in 187 countries and took 252 301 life. The numbers continue to increase.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are 3 607 469 cases of infection, 1 175 722 people were recovered. Figures may be understated and inaccurate as they passed by the different governments and the media, and there is no single Protocol for their estimation.

New data show that the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the UK more than in any other European country. Office for national statistics (ONS) reported that on April 27 in England died 29 648 people from Covid-19 mentioned in the death certificates. According to Reuters calculations, taking into account the figures from the rest of the UK, the total amount is 32 313. These data do not coincide with the information on the website of Johns Hopkins University.

Statistics from countries where confirmed by the largest number of cases COVID-19 :

  1. USA — 1 181 885
  2. Spain — 218 011
  3. Italy — 211 938
  4. UK — 191 832
  5. France — 169 583

Statistics on countries with the highest mortality rate now looks like this:

  1. US — 69 079 deaths (including 24 999 in the city of new York)
  2. Italy — 29 079 deaths
  3. UK — 28 809 deaths
  4. Spain — 25 428 deaths
  5. France — 25 of 204 of death

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