USA interested in cooperation with Russia to explore the moon — NASA

США заинтересованы в сотрудничестве с Россией по освоению Луны — NASA

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USA hope to cooperate with partners in the International space station (ISS) through its lunar program “Artemis”, but don’t know whether to join in this partnership with Russia. About it on may 5 said the head of the National office for Aeronautics and space USA (NASA) Jim Breidenstein during his speech at the Center for strategic and international studies (CSIS).

“I think it is important that when we go to the moon, we are interested to with us went to our partners in the International (space) station. The question is whether Russia is going to be part of this and to what extent,” — said the head of Department.

He also stressed that he expects cooperation with Russia, as it is not dependent on differences in bilateral relations, it is at this stage is productive.

Russia will sit on the moon with no equipment

However, he said Breidenstein, Washington understands that in this kind of interaction is necessary to be extremely cautious and to maintain the independence from Moscow, only with the resumption of private manned space flight United States will not be dependent on Russia for sending astronauts into space.

Recall that the space program “Artemis” involves the return of the Americans to the moon. It is the stepping stone to the establishment of permanently inhabited settlements on Earth, and create a Foundation for the further development of Mars. The program attended by the us private companies and the European space Agency (ESA) in September of 2019, joined by Australia.

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