66% of new patients with the coronavirus in new York were sitting at home

Most recently hospitalized with coronavirus patients in new York are the people who have followed the precautions and stayed home, said Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference on Wednesday.

He noted that “it is shocking”that 66% of patients with coronavirus – these are people who either do not work or are retired, and they do not go regularly to work. Such statistical data obtained after a preliminary survey of 113 hospitals. The survey was conducted for 3 days, and included 1269 answers.

According to the information received, 18% of new infections are noted in nursing homes and 4% in the rehabilitation centers for the elderly and disabled, 2% in boarding houses for the elderly, 2% were homeless for less than 1% – are in prisons and 8% were labeled as “other”.

“It’s astounding: for the most part the people were at home”,- said Cuomo during a briefing on long island. “We thought, maybe they use public transport, and we took special precautions in public transport, but in fact no, because these people were at home”.

Approximately 46% of new patients were unemployed and 37% retired. Age also played a role, as the information, as 73% of the hospitalized patients aged 51 years and older.

Most of the new cases of infection are concentrated in the city and suburbs who are most affected by the pandemic, said Cuomo.

Was recorded 232 deaths from the virus and about 600 new patients came in hospitals in new York a day earlier, the Governor said, which suggests that the level of hospitalization of the staff is reduced.

These data are important because the state of waiting to restart the economy, as nearing the end of the period of strict orders Cuomo to stay home and other States also make the restrictions less strict.

Although in new York the virus to start a little “retreat”, Cuomo again warned that we should not act too quickly. “This confirms what we said, a lot depends on what you can do to protect themselves”,- he said. “Everything is closed, the government has done all that is possible, society has done everything he could, everything depends on you now”.


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