The mother died during a vacation in San Francisco because of a blood clot caused by contraceptives

The mother from South Wales (UK) died during a family vacation in California before leaving home — because of the blood clot triggered by contraceptives.

Zoe Williams, 42, her husband Jason and 11-year-old son Hayden went to San Francisco last October, but the “dream vacation” quickly turned into a nightmare. Just a few days after the arrival of Zoe suddenly complained that it is difficult for her to walk — and then, barely having time to get out of the room, collapsed to the ground.

Jason says that it found one of the symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome, which his wife fought for 20 years. Zoe adhered to the same opinion, but found it insufficiently weighty reason to leave early time and continued to show the son of the city, sitting in a wheelchair.

Facebook/Zoe Williams. Zoe, Jason and Hayden

The woman refused to go to the hospital in San Francisco and assured her husband that would go to the doctor immediately on returning home, but her condition continued to deteriorate. The night before Zoe got so bad that Jason had to call 911.

Williams died waiting for the ambulance, and recently, her family finally learned the cause of death. The woman had deep vein thrombosis, provoked the emergence of a deadly blood clot. The Guillain-Barre syndrome was to do with it.

“The doctors found a blood clot in her lung. said Jason edition of the Sun — most Likely, it arose because of her contraceptive pills and after a long flight”.

“A huge relief to finally know what happened. I’m still mad that the doctors who checked her after the flight, I did not notice thrombosis”.


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