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Schlesi works successfully, the expected launch of the official multi-client testnet from Ethereum Foundation

Named after the railway station in Berlin, Schlesi became the first testator Ethereum 2.0 with support for multiple clients, which was launched on 27 April. Initially, the clients of Lighthouse from Sigma Prime and Prysm from Prysmatic Labs participated in the synchronization and validation, according to message coordinator testnet Africa of Sedona. 30 April testnet joined Nimbus, the mobile client for Ethereum 2.0, and may 7 ― Teku from PegaSys.

The purpose of this testing is to ensure that “customers are willing to support core network Beacon Chain” (run Beacon Chain is a zero phase deployment of Ethereum 2.0).

“Like all of our test network, this was created in order to evaluate the limits of technology and how far we can go”, ― said in comments to CoinDesk, a leading researcher and developer of Nimbus Jacek Seika.

Seika noted that the team Nimbus launched different testnet in March. According to the specs of the lightweight client Ethereum 2.0 should work well on smaller devices such as smartphones, with the goal of democratizing access to participation in the network. This concept was a key reason why the developers sought to replace meinig staginga. “The aim is to lower the barrier of entry, allowing you to engage a wider audience,” said Seika.

According to the researcher Ethereum 2.0 Justin Drake, the launch of the official multiclienting test networkmanaged by the Ethereum Foundation, is expected to start at zero phase Ethereum 2.0, which is scheduled for early July. However, this is still a rough time Sedan saidthat the launch of the Beacon Chain will be the end of the year or in 2021.

Co-founder Sigma Prime Paul Hauner said smaller testname such as Goerli or Schlesi will be considered successful if various customers will be able to synchronize together. For large testnet bar will be higher.

“I think that this testset can be considered successful, if it will work for several months, surviving the stress tests and coordinated attack by such companies on information security as Sigma Prime,” he said Hauner.


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