Signs of coronavirus found in semen highly infected men

According to a new study conducted in China, in the semen of some badly infected men had traces of coronavirus COVID-19, which increases the likelihood of transmitting the virus sexually.

The researchers found evidence of the virus in six men from the group of 38 patients with COVID-19 in Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in China.

According to the researchers, of the six people, four more were infected, and two recovered. The results of the study published may 7 in the journal JAMA Network Open.

“It is not surprising that the virus was detected in semen samples, as previously it was found in the stool and other body fluids” – said Dr. Ryan Berglund, a urologist, Institute of urology and kidney, Cleveland clinic (Ohio).

Infectious viruses are typically detected in the semen, and one recent notable example is the virus, Zeke. Chinese researchers said that the sperm of a man was discovered 27 different viruses.

Experts, however, say it is not a concrete proof that COVID-19 can be transmitted sexually.

“I think it’s premature – added Berglund. – While we have to consider this just as a sign that the sperm, like a number of other biological fluids may contain the virus.”

With a view on the need for further research was made by Dr. Greg Poland, Director of research for vaccines at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota).

“This is a warning, and now we have to follow the warning and conduct research, said Poland. – However, there are no documented cases of transmission of coronavirus sexually. The new study is based on testing, which detected only traces of genetic material from the coronavirus. These traces no infectious potential.”


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