Lukashenko urged men to kiss women and “stay in the family” for the period of the pandemic

Лукашенко призвал мужчин не целовать женщин и "остаться в семье" на период пандемии

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to the test site of the joint Institute of mechanical engineering reported that during a pandemic coronavirus should not be kissing other women. It is reported Belarusian portal

“If you’re kissing someone, you kiss on. Do not go there if you’re a man, to another woman and so on. Well, be patient for a month. If you’ve been hanging there in the family, stay in the family”, – said the head of state.

Previously, Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly expressed the opinion that the danger of coronavirus exaggerated, and to deal with it proposed “unconventional” ways. In particular, the President called the situation with coronavirus “psychosis”. He recommended that the Belarusians “treated” from the coronavirus alcohol, bath and selhozarteli.

Later, the head of state added that the isolation in the “rotten apartments, in the atmosphere of a virus” is killing people. According to him, for respiratory diseases, on the contrary need “to go outside, to breathe fresh air and ventilate the room”.

When in Belarus for a week has collected more than 150 thousand signatures under the petition demanding to urgently introduce in the Republic a quarantine coronavirus and sent her to the world health organization, Lukashenko gave another argument against him. “As we have here ranting in a circle around the quarantine, curfew, etc… It’s easiest, we’ll do it during the day, but what are we going to eat?” – said the head of state.

According to him, “everything is talking” about “the famine in the near future”, so in Belarus you need in the shortest time to complete the sowing campaign. “Oil is oil, but its on the table not served,” concluded the Belarusian leader.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Belarus, the country found 18 350 cases of coronavirus infection. Of them died of 107 patients. The who has linked the rapid development of the epidemic of coronavirus in Belarus with the lack of “physical distancing”.

Quarantine in the country are not introduced. Despite warnings by the who since April 20, was reopened to study in schools. And on April 25, the authorities withdrew more than two million citizens in the Republican Saturday. It was attended by President Alexander Lukashenko and other officials. On published photos and videos it is evident that the participants did not respect social distance and not wearing masks.

The head of state presented Saturday as a kind of sacrifice to appease a higher power sent down to the world of coronavirus. “I said He [the Lord] saw that ugly we treat the environment, to the lifestyle that we have does not correspond to the criteria that need to be, and hit us on the head [referring to the pandemic of coronavirus]. So we are trying if not to equalize the situation, then at least to protect yourself and your loved ones with these steps,” – said Alexander Lukashenko.

At present Belarus is preparing for the parade on the occasion of Victory Day. In these circumstances, when the authorities ignore the threat, the country began to act “national quarantine.” Many Belarusians possible to voluntarily minimize social contacts and choose a mode of self-isolation.


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