How to protect the skin from adverse effects due to the use of masks

Doctors provide medical assistance to an increasing number of patients with problems with acne associated with the use of face masks.

Face masks have become part of our daily life is an important protection against coronavirus. But their use has a significant impact on our skin. The result is a new problem with the skin, which is called “Musk-Not” (from a combination of the words mask and acne).

“And it appears around my mouth and on my chin. Since then, as we began to wear the mask, my skin is absolutely not like”– says Madison Hopkins.

The doctors say that in principle there is nothing unusual. In fact, they began to treat much more patients from the problems with acne that are associated with the use of face masks.

“Sweat and things like oil, and makeup when they are on your skin that you then close a mask… the result is a closed environment. And when you breathe into the mask, all the humidity just accumulates in the breathing process, leading to the formation of acne,”explains dermatologist Dr. Shirley Chi.

There are some simple things you can do to protect your own face from the side of the mask depending on the mask type you are using. If it’s a mask, it must be washed often.

“If you use disposable masks, then you should post them in a place kissed by the sun, so they dried for a day or two before you again take advantage of them,” recommends Dr. Chi. “You should not wash disposable mask, because it just gets messed up and will not effectively protect you”.

Dermatologists also recommend the use of a scrub for facial skin twice a day – exactly what now practicing Hopkins.

“I had a panic looking for answers and haven’t seen a lot of people talked about it”, says Hopkins. “It’s just nice knowing that you are not alone”.


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