Patients with vitamin D deficiencies more likely to die from coronavirus — according to scientists

Patients with low vitamin D levels risk of dying from coronavirus more than others. This is indicated by preliminary results of a study conducted by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust and University of East Anglia.

The researchers compared the average level of vitamin D in residents of 20 European countries with mortality rates from COVID-19 — and claim that they were able to detect “indisputable” link between the amount of vitamin D in the body of patients and the number of fatal cases in the various States. According to experts, the greatest danger of being exposed to the citizens of the “Nordic” countries, which does not favor Sunny weather.

According to the study, patients are “the most vulnerable COVID-19“, in parallel often suffered from a shortage of vitamin D. In particular, the risk group includes elderly people from Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

“We can confidently recommend supplementation with vitamin D as protection from infection of SARS-CoV2”, — concluded the experts.

To date, the results of the study are still considered preliminary, and the report itself still has not received reviews in the scientific community. However, scientists do not claim for the first time about the benefits of vitamin D in combating respiratory diseases: this month the experts from Trinity College Dublin have already provedthat it can significantly reduce the risk of infection of the chest.

So how do I get more vitamin D?

Typically, when exposed to sunlight vitamin D itself is produced in your body, but it is also possible to include in the diet some of the products: in particular, fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, cheese.


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