Trout in cream vapor

Форель под сливочным паром

Форель под сливочным паромFish likes probably the most of us. And probably most of us like different fish in different versions. But how else? Otherwise, love the fast flows into the dislike. And I know a lot of people curves is not something that the smell, and the only mention of the fish. The origins of this rejection, as a rule, the same: once the incident monotony in some of the worst of its manifestations. And to me these people are sincerely sorry. As, however, sorry for those who are afraid of experiments with fish, in culinary language, the raw material. Meanwhile, the experiments (subject to the General rules of fish cooking) sometimes give amazing results.

Frankly, the fish dish, the recipe of which I quote below, in the form which I sought, was only the second time. Although, of course, and the first attempt was in its own way valuable, as it allowed to understand at least minor mistakes. You also this dish will turn out so, “as needed”, I hope the first time, if it’s a little bit of attention. And you will need it. Not so much to the set of products or a choice of fish (here very simple) or to the process of cooking (it’s even easier) as to the choice of dishes, the accompanying “inventory” and recommendations during the process. Then it will not that hope, and our mutual confidence that the result will not disappoint you.

We begin, however, with fish. I have used the small size freshwater trout weighing about a kilogram. No, she has grown in my little home fish farm — this case is hopefully not so distant future. You can choose the fish of your choice, provided that:

— it is preferable to use fresh, rather than frozen fish; if you do use frozen, try to clean it and gut it without having to defrost is a greatly impoverishes the taste of fish;

— the size of the fish should match the size of cookware to use when cooking;

— fish must be whole, not pieces, and head, but always with distant gills, as in the bottom picture (on the role of fish heads while cooking fish dishes you can read in the literature. Here, I see no reason to theorize on this issue).

Форель под сливочным паромNow for the dishes. Since we’ll be cooking fish in the oven, dishes should be heat resistant: ceramic, aluminum, steel or cast iron. This is the first. Secondly, deep enough. So that hung over it, the fish does not touch the bottom of the dish.

As auxiliary equipment necessary to stock or wooden skewers for yakitori or small skewers for kebabs, or finally knitting needles. Or any other device that allows you how to hang the fish over the dishes. But in such a way that the fish is located horizontally, belly up, without touching the sides and bottom of the pan.

So, first gutted and cleaned the fish lightly RUB with salt and freshly ground black pepper – both outside, and inside, in the abdomen. A lot of salt to use is not recommend – very easy to miscalculate.

Форель под сливочным паромOn grated salt and pepper the fish, pour about 100-150 grams 10-20 percent cream (although the fat content of cream in this case is unimportant – we do not use any acidic products).

Форель под сливочным паромWell, to literally buy the fish in a mixture of cream, salt and pepper.

Форель под сливочным паромNow a bowl of fish can be something to cover or wrap or foil for 15-20 minutes, the fish has to be soaked in what we expiated it.

Форель под сливочным паромAfter the stipulated time “marinating” begin to stick the fish on skewers. In our case, the skewers will play the role of a support that allows you to be the fish as if suspended above the dishes state – by analogy of meat on the skewer over the coals. Pierce the carcass of fish are best in several places: one or two skewers – definitely through eye sinuses to provide a fish head to a horizontal position – it will come in handy:

Форель под сливочным паромAnother portion of the skewers through the back somewhere in the middle, the third in the tail area, etc. to, again, provide fish in a sustainable position over the dish.

Форель под сливочным паромNow, in the abdomen of each carcass should pour a splash of cream, and if the fish rested in bed in cream in another bowl, the cream, of course, should be poured into the dishes, over which the fish is baked. Note that the fixed skewers the head is not allowed to spill cream on the outside. Or at least they hold in the abdomen, a considerable part of the product.

Форель под сливочным паромFinally, the cream poured out at the bottom of the pan it is desirable to add a bit of vegetable oil – this will prevent them from overcooking in the process of cooking.

Форель под сливочным паромIt is useful again to make sure that the fish hung over the dishes, that does not concern neither walls nor the bottom of the dish:

Форель под сливочным паромSo as soon as all preparatory work completed and the oven before warmed up to the required 180 degrees, I’ll try to explain why we prepare this fish is so and not otherwise, although, of course, it could simply be put on the grill and bake how to grill or use three dozen other ways of baking fish in the oven. There is a reception preparation of some products in the oven, which in cooking is called hot in the vapor of the oil. It is clear that this technique involves a partial immersion of the product in the fat with subsequent periodic leak “serving” of the product that the fat. On it and the roasting, valuable, however, is the fact that a large part of the product brought to readiness pairs of fat or oil, significantly changing the taste of the product. But who prevents to use the same principle of bringing to readiness steaming not frying, and when cooked (it is cooked)? And use no oil or grease, and cream, which, like some other dairy products are perfectly blended with marine and freshwater fish (think carp in sour cream). The main thing – to organize the “steam room”, and of course also the conditions for baking. Which we did, erecting the above described design.

The case for small: put a bowl of fish on third bars so that the head was oriented to the rear of the oven, where the temperature is usually higher than that of the door (I have antediluvian country stove).

Форель под сливочным паромAnd bake for about 20-25 minutes, once (about five minutes until cooked) turning the dishes 180 degrees to skumanich tails.

Форель под сливочным паромThe best and proper indication that the fish is ready – the color of its abdomen: with good, dark Golden sheen. Attack evaporating on the bottom of the dish of cream in the thickest part of the fish – back – guaranteed to bring the product to readiness. And cream, pour into the abdomen, avoid the wide-spread when baking trouble as the dryness of the fish.

In short, it should just try:

Форель под сливочным паром

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