It’s not a shank, it’s legs. The braised cabbage

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капусте

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеOh, we underestimate the so-called offal! It would be otherwise, these by-products (with the exception of recognized specialities) not so dramatically different in price from, say, the “main meat”. However, you need to be fair: the scope of the by-products is substantially limited. Not every familiar dish you can create. Although it is a controversial thing and very relative. However, we won’t argue and will do the usual pork legs included (as a dish) in the menu of many European pubs and taverns. Here we only slightly change their processing and preparation. And make it legs, not just the shank that is sometimes mistaken for legs. Why? Yes, because in properly processed pork legs many of its own “Goodies”, such as in cooked oxtail. But at the same time provide our dish of stewed cabbage, which is also traditionally by slightly changing the technology of its preparation. Start?

The dish is designed for 2-3 people need to take:
1. Two pork legs with part of the shank and hoof (you can cut each leg in half at once).
2. Half a bottle of any red wine.
3. A bundle of fresh herbs — to your own taste.
4. Three hundred grams of fresh cabbage.
5. One or two medium onions.
6. A couple of ripe tomatoes, or canned in its own juice and a couple tablespoons of tomato paste.
7. Two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil
8. 20 grams of butter
9. Salt and black (or red) ground pepper to taste.
10. Two teaspoons of sugar.
First, a good rinse and scraping, especially in the area of the hooves, the legs themselves.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеThen, the notched edge of the skin consistently to take it off, helping with a sharp knife and being careful to leave the meat subcutaneous fat. In the area of the hooves, the hide can be cut.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеFor convenience in further cooking the legs better to cut them at the joints into separate pieces, and the “fleshy” parts of the legs to make cuts crosswise, to better RUB the salt and pepper.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеSalt and pepper grate the pieces of the legs can be spared.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеNow it is very important to compactly stow the legs in a suitable dish which has a lid and which could be put in the oven. If not, you can use a narrow but fairly deep baking tray, cover role which will play a sheet of foil, carefully tuck the edges of the pan.
Placing the legs, they need to sprinkle with a spoon the other vegetable oil…

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капусте… then pour not less than two hundred grams of red wine and a few ounces of cold water.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеFinally, to add to the legs a bundle of fresh herbs.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеPan (or baking sheet) covered with a tight lid should be put in a preheated 180 degree oven, about average.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеThe legs at this temperature must languish for at least two hours. From time to time, given that ovens are different, this process needs to be controlled, looking under the cover. If you find that the sauce is very rapidly evaporated, add some more wine and turn down the oven temperature.
While the legs are languishing, you can begin to extinguish the cabbage. To start, finely chopped the cabbage and sliced onions. In a saucepan or skillet with high sides warmed up a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil and quickly passerbys bow.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеThen added chopped tomatoes and a couple tablespoons of tomato paste or grated canned tomatoes and VSY is the case with fried onions with vigorous stirring.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеYou can now add chopped cabbage, little salt to taste, black pepper, two teaspoons of sugar and 100 grams of red wine, all carefully mix.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеAs soon as the wine boils, the flame under the pan should be reduced to cover the cabbage with a lid and simmer on low heat in parallel with the legs (in the oven), not forgetting from time to time to stir the cabbage. Ten minutes before the end of stewing, it is desirable to add the cabbage 20 grams of butter.

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеIn parallel, ends up cooking the legs. Making sure that after simmering in the pot they are sufficiently softened, it should shift the legs on a baking sheet or pan, pouring there also the remains of the sauce…

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеAnd bake them in the oven until a nice Golden brown.

Ready legs well spread directly on braised cabbage, put an even layer on a large serving platter. Something like this:

Это не рулька, это - ножки. На тушеной капустеPork knuckle, by the way, prepared in a similar way.

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