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Litecoin Foundation goes to the BitGo wallet

Litecoin Foundation announced the transition from the wallet Electrum-LTC wallet from the custodian of the company BitGo.

According to the message in a blog of may 7, due to the fact that the wallet BitGo “more convenient and provides almost the same security level” as the Electrum-LTC. The old addresses will be available for one month, and a new one will be published soon.

Recently, the developer of litecoin David Burkett reported on the establishment of test environments for integration of technology Mimblewimble in the codebase of litecoin. According to the developer, Mimblewimble will be run in the test network of litecoin by the end of summer.

In November 2019, CEO of BitGo, Mike Bell said the company handles more than 20% of bitcoin transactions, and in October the crypto currency exchange Bitstamp moved its assets under the control of BitGo.


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