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The bitcoin ecosystem since its inception has grown in all respects

In almost all respects the bitcoin actively developed since its inception. This is stated in the review, researchers from the team Glassnode.

Approximately 234% increase in the number of holders of BTC. In anticipation of the so-called may of halving (reducing the reward for mining a block) the number of owners of the coins exceeded 30 million

In the network rapidly increases as the number of holders of a small proportion of cryptocurrency and the big players (whales), controlling a thousand coins or more. The number of small holders of the asset adds much faster.

Transactional activity in the ecosystem rebounded from 2016 on 44%. Researcher Rafael Schultz-Kraft, who leads the statistics Glassnode about the development of bitcoin, draws attention to the fact that any decline in miners say it makes sense.

Computing power has steadily increased since 2009. Hasrat network were added from year to year, only from previous halving this figure is up 6800% (from 1.57 assages per second (CS/s) to 109,03 EH/s).

Network for the last four years has become much safer, as it was regularly joined by new miners that minimizes the risks of centralization of the platform.

Analysts conclude that growth of an ecosystem of bitcoin says not only about the huge potential of the new technology, but a long term strengthening trend rate of BTC.


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