“Somber and shaken” whether it is trump to get re-elected

«Мрачный и потрясенный»: сможет ли Трамп переизбратьсяPandemic mers has jeopardized the re-election of US President Donald trump for a second term. His main achievement — the growth of the economy was completely destroyed. Now he seeks as soon as possible to remove restrictive measures in order to catch up, but this step also threatens him with a fall in the level of support. Meanwhile, the polls have now fixed the lead candidate of the democratic party, Joe Biden.

The President of the United States Donald trump is concerned about the possibility of losing the presidential elections in the country in November. The White house feared that the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 is expected in the fall, may cause damage to the reputation of the incumbent.

The sources of the Washington Post called trump “a grim and shaken by his declining popularity.” In private conversations tramp “struggling to understand” how everything suddenly changed: from a confidence in re-election to the understanding that it’s losing popularity to Biden, who is now the most likely candidate from the Democrats.

According to advisers of the head of state, former Vice President Biden is ahead of trump even in the polls conducted by Republicans.

It caused scandal in the election headquarters of the President of which wrote to several American media. Chief of staff brad Parcel was accused of a future defeat trump. “I’m not going to b…b to lose to Joe Biden!”, quotes a telephone conversation between the President of The Associated Press, citing sources in the election headquarters.

And trump and Parcel called these publications fake. However, the problem with the rating of the President really is. National surveys indicate that at the moment Biden a few bypasses trump popularity. The former Vice President ready to maintain 45 to 50% of voters, while the incumbent head of state from 42 to 43%, according to the results of various studies.

Worst of all for trump that he is losing support in key swing States: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona. Largely thanks to victory in the swing States — Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina — trump was victorious in 2016.

His campaign trump was going to build around the main trump — success in the economic sphere. However, a forced quarantine has shaken all the efforts and the achievements of the President in this area.

Six months before the election of the USA received no less disturbing news about unemployment than statistically coronavirus. The level of unemployment in the country reached 14.7%, hitting a new record since 1940. And this level may rise to 25%, approaching the performance since the great depression, the head of the Ministry of Finance of the United States Steven Mnuchin.

The irony is that exactly a year ago, the unemployment rate fell to a record since 1969 the level of 3.6%. This, of course, added Trump points.

That is why, as WP notes, the President is now focused on plans to rebuild the economy after the pandemic coronavirus. The President believes that success in this endeavor will provide him victory over his rival in the presidential election.

Trump also intends in the summer to resume his speech to supporters in various States. The White house is already discussing how best to organize this kind of meeting, following the recommendation of doctors.

However, the economic recovery does not guarantee Trump re-election. And it is already in the voters.

The poll results indicated that older people who overwhelmingly give priority to the victory over coronavirus and not to return to work, dissatisfied with the policy of trump. The pandemic has driven a wedge between retirees and the less educated middle-aged workers who cannot work remotely and depend on a regular paycheck. With the current ratings, the President must enlist the support of both these groups, but he is hard to please one without combating the other.

Trump’s problems don’t end there. Continuing the trend that first occurred in the midterm elections of 2018, he is losing ground among white working class women who supported him in 2016.

Main rival President Joe Biden at the same time showing extraordinary stability in terms of rating. Over the past few months he has continued to stay ahead of trump, on average, six percentage points.

However, before the elections for another six months. And even if the situation does not change radically — for trump is not a sentence. In the end, in 2016 he lost to Hillary Clinton’s 3 million votes. Perhaps the American electoral system again will play into his hands.


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