The man recovered from coronavirus, having spent 64 days in hospital, including 31 on a ventilator

Hundreds of people welcomed the recovery from a coronavirus “miracle patient”who was in the hospital for 64 days.

Greg Garfield was the first patient with a coronavirus who was hospitalized to medical center St. Joseph’s Providence in Burbank (California), after he picked up a virus during a ski trip to Northern Italy in February.

The virus has hit almost every vital organ in his body, leaving him on a ventilator for 31 days (from 64 spent in hospital).

“The mortality rate among patients with COVID-19, on mechanical ventilation, is 70% or higher, said Dr. Daniel DEA. – So for him to survive with an almost complete recovery is amazing. He is our miracle patient”.

Garfield was released from the hospital on Friday with the help of her friend and sisters, under the applause of the employees of the medical center.

“Guys-doctors incredible, I felt all of their love and care,’ said Greg. – These doctors – the best of the best. I would not have survived somewhere in other place”.

Amanda Kloots, whose husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero won the coronavirus, but which the disease was very hard on her (the man had to amputate his leg), shared a video statement Greg Garfield in Instagram, saying that she watched this video 100 times.

“Every time I have chills and tears in my eyes” – written by Amanda.


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